Our wholesale for flowers and plants is busy again with all preparations to deliver the most beautiful roses to our customers. Of all the roses that have been ordered, the red rose is the most popular every year.

What is more classic romantic than a beautiful red rose? Anyone who prepares a romantic declaration of his love knows that he cannot go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. But how did it happen that today the red rose is the universal symbol for passion, desire and above all love?

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants: The most beautiful red roses for Valentine.

Our wholesaler for flowers and plants provides the most beautiful red roses from our growers every year. The red rose is frequently grown in the Netherlands, as this rose is also the most sought after as a gift from florists with Valentine's Day.

The history of the symbolism of the red rose beginning in Greek and Roman mythology. Here the red rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Later the flower became more associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary. When Shakespeare also used the red rose during his famous works, the red rose was completely settled as the ultimate symbol of love.

Our growers have been working for months to grow the most beautiful roses for your customers. Our grower Porta Nova is the largest grower of Red Naomi roses in the world. They are known for the best quality of red roses. The roses from Porta Nova are therefore a perfect gift for every loved one

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