H.L. Hogervorst

H.L. Hogervorst

Our wholesaler of flowers and plants is always selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That is why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to H.L. Hogervorst.

H.L. Hogervorst is a flower bulb nursery and hatchery. They use the bulbs that Gertjan and Sandra Hogervorst expertly grow for scalding the bulb in pots. This way they know exactly what quality is available and therefore give a 100% flowering guarantee! Before the product can leave the nursery, work has already taken place for a few years. In three to four years, the bulb is propagated, it is given a temperature treatment, it is planted, covered with straw, sorted, fertilized, dug up, dried, sorted and when the bulb is large enough, it is only planted in a pot.

HL Hogervorst has been applying this knowledge for 5 decades. During that time, the company expanded into a company with the largest assortment of potted bulbs with annually changing added value. Each plant is produced with respect for people & the environment. The use of plant protection products, fertilizers, watering, energy and waste is registered and where possible minimized. A versatile company that delivers its best products every day.

Roobos wholesale for flowers and plants: the daffodil plants of H.L. Hogervorst

Nursery H.L. Hogervorst are specialized in the cultivation of the most beautiful daffodil plants

White, bright yellow and all colors in between. Spring is heralded by nothing but the trumpet of the daffodil (officially: Narcissus).

The wild daffodil has been growing in the Northern Hemisphere for centuries. The species we know here mainly hatch. In 1662 the first official report of a daffodil in the Netherlands was found in Zwolle.

The stems with buds grow from the narcissus bulbs, which open into beautiful trumpets. The Daffodil blossoms quite quickly in the sun, but can also withstand a cold night without any problems. Daffodils can be purchased in as many as 88 different types of daffodils: with double flowers, plain or spotted, large yellow trumpets, dwarfs, clusters. The daffodil grows best in a place with a lot of sunlight.

From January the pots with daffodils can already be put outside. Note that the daffodil needs a lot of water. They do not need extra nutrition, it is already in the sphere. Very easy.

By cutting away spent flowers, the bulb retains more energy for the rest of the plant and the buds.

Would you also like to buy the most beautiful daffodil plants from our grower H.L. Hogervorst? Have a look at our webshop

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