Nursery Bos Ardisia

Nursery Bos Ardisia

Our wholesaler of flowers and plants is always selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That is why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to Nursery Bos Ardisia

Nursery Bos Ardisia is a global company with growers in Europe, Canada, Japan, USA and China.

In 2008 they introduced a new improved Ardisia variety: The Ardisia crenata Bospremium Red.

This Ardisia is more compact and has more leaves than the normal Ardisia crenata. It was a revolution. This plant has many advantages over the original Ardisia crenata. More sprouts, more leaves, more berries and less fragile!

In 2013 Kwekerij Bos Ardisia proudly cultivated a white version! This is what many people have been waiting for. After a long breath and development, the time has finally come! Compact, many leaves and shoots and white berries. A beautiful plant!

But of course the development of new varieties did not stop there. In 2015, the new pink Ardisia and the Ardisia Salmon were released in 2017.

The Ardisia crenata Bospremium Collection is available again from September to December 2019.

Roobos wholesale for flowers and plants: the beautiful Ardisias from Kwekerij Bos Ardisia

The Ardisia crenata is a plant with a unique shape. In combination with the limited availability, this ensures a high degree of exclusivity. Furthermore, the Ardisia is very suitable as a Christmas plant due to its beautiful red-white or pink berries.

The Ardisia is especially noticeable, largely due to its distinctive shape. With its thick berry collar, crowned with a bushy 'head' of leaves, it is unique in the range. Add to this the fact that production is quite difficult and slow, which means that only specialized growers dare to take up this challenge. So, however you look at it, Ardisia is an exclusive outsider that rightfully draws attention.

It is also a seasonal plant that is only available in the last months of the year! And it takes 2 years to grow this beautiful plant!

Therefore, take good care of this plant! Place the Ardisia in a bright spot, but not direct sunlight. As a tip for watering, keep the soil slightly moist between waterings.

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