Nursery Duijn-Hove

Nursery Duijn-Hove

Duijn-Hove is a real family business, run by the Van Duijn family. The company is certainly not specialized in one product type. Various houseplants are grown at two different locations. Under the name Duijn-Hove (Maasland), the Beaucarnea, Cambria, Cycas, Ficus Ginseng, Radermachera and Sansevieria are grown and various varieties of Phalaenopsis are grown at the other location called Duijn-Orchids (Maasdijk). A versatile company with one focus: quality!

Nursery Duin-Hove specializes in the cultivation and cultivation of high-quality potted plants. The right mix of automation and the 'green fingers' of their employees makes it possible to deliver you a top quality plant. And the green knowledge of their people is also necessary. Care of these potted plants requires their careful attention during the growing process. This is the only way that they can create a top product from propagation to cultivation that ultimately adorns our customers!

Their potted plant assortment is spread over two locations and from there they offer the products Beaucarnea, Cambria, Cycas, Ficus Ginseng, Phalaenopsis, Radermachera and Sansevieria. Of course these are also available in various pot sizes and lengths.

Roobos wholesale for flowers and plants: the beautiful houseplants of Kwekerij Duijn-Hove

Duijn-Hove is located in Maasland at Herenwerf 7. This branch has an area of ​​24,000 m² and is certified for MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ.

In addition to their business in Maasland, their family business has since 2007 established the modern Duijn-Orchids branch in Maasdijk at Pettendijk 5. The high-quality Phalaenopsis are grown in an innovative manner at this location. The surface area of ​​this company is 30,000 m².

With a qualitatively wide range, they can provide all kinds of potted plants according to different specifications. Growing in an environmentally friendly manner and corporate social responsibility also has clear priority. They are also affiliated with Decorum Plants, a group of approximately sixty growers who supply various types of plants of the highest quality under the Decorum brand. In addition, their environmentally friendly business operations and corporate social responsibility are underlined by the fact that both locations are MPS-A certified.

Reliable service, flexible deliveries and skilled employees count for them as the basis of these quality products. We are therefore proud that we can offer their beautiful range on our webshop.

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