De Hoog Orchids

De Hoog Orchids

Our wholesaler of flowers and plants is always selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That is why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to Nursery De Hoog Orchids

Nursery De Hoog Orchideeën has over twenty-five years of experience in growing orchids.

They have two locations where they grow all year round with passion and an eye for the environment.

Because of their years of experience and with 52,000 m2 of greenhouse surface of Dendrobium Nobilés, you can say that they love their product. Growing the craftsmanship of orchids is in their genes. The focus on Dendrobium Nobilé makes them the absolute specialist in the market. They are able to supply the same quality all year round in not only white but also various other colored varieties.

De Hoog Orchids is a modern company and has an eye for the environment throughout the entire growing process. Their systems are optimized to deliver a perfect product while minimizing environmental impact. From raw materials to logistics, from light to air, everything revolves around efficiency, environmentally conscious and socially responsible cultivation of Dendrobium Nobilé.

Roobos wholesale for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Dendrobiums by De Hoog Orchids

De Hoog Orchids is the absolute specialist in Dendrobium Nobilé. Their range consists purely of high-quality varieties and exclusive colors, available all year round.

Sustainability and the environment are important to them. De Hoog rchideeen tries to cultivate in an environmentally responsible way. Thanks to the LED lighting and CO2 reduction, they try to burden the environment as little as possible. This also applies to working with biological pesticides (natural enemies). They value greatly quality certifications. In the areas of environment, sustainability, safety and traceability, they are certified to the highest standards (MPS A + & MPS GAP).

The Dendrobium nobile is a popular orchid. It is easy to care for and dotted with flowers during flowering. The Dendrobium originates in South East Asia, especially in the area around the Himalayas. They grow on rocky surfaces.

Care Dendrobium nobilé

Light: Place the Dendrobium nobilé in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight.

Temperature: The Dendrobium nobilé likes a cool, airy environment with a temperature between 12⁰C and 18⁰C.

Water: An orchid should not be too wet.

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