Streptocarpus of Hofstede Hovaria

Streptocarpus of Hofstede Hovaria

Our flower and plant wholesaler is always looking for the best growers to work with. After all, only the very best products are good enough for our customers. Today our grower Hofstede Hovaria is central from Huissen.

The development and production at Hofstede Hovaria nursery is carried out by Koos and son Wilko Hofstede from the Betuwe town of Huissen, located on the Rhine south of Arnhem.

The breeding and production company of the Hofstede family, of which Koos and Wilko are the third and fourth generations respectively, has marketed many of the existing hydrangea varieties.

Hofstede Hovaria has been the specialist in special varieties of Hydrangea, Streptocarpus, Poinsettia, Deco-Chrysanthemum and many more for years. They are always looking for the special products, so that the customer can distinguish themselves from other stores in the market. The production company is almost 3 hectares in size (greenhouses & container fields), located at several locations in Huissen.

Roobos wholesale for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Streptocarpus from nursery Hofstede Hovaria

The Streptocarpus or Cape primula is a very popular houseplant. This beautiful plant has deep green, hairy leaves with a combination of very beautiful flowers. The Streptocarpus, family of the Cape Violet and the Gloxinia, has been cultivated by Hofstede Hovaria for years.

And this fantastic grower has the most special varieties. So special that this beautiful plant deserves its own poem.

StreptOrchids (Streptocarpus hybrids)

On a window-sill on East or West

it blooms till October at its best.

Of course it also grows on the South

but when the sun shines, put the sun screen out.

StreptOrchids prefer a bit dry over wet

Nutrients aren't of high need just give some of this or that.

Are all flowers on a stem out of bloom

just cut away and throw it out of the room.

New flowers will then continue to appear

until autumn stops blooming for that year.

Then put the plant on a light and cool spot

in March it's time to bring it back and to repot.

Again this Streptocarpus will color your window at its best

normally it doesn't suffer a lot from disease or pest.

StreptOrchids are available in many colors and forms

buy a new one every year and enjoy daily how it performs.

Wilko Hofstede


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