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Our flower and plant wholesaler is always looking for the best growers to work with. After all, only the very best products are good enough for our customers. Today our grower Hofstede Hovaria is central from Huissen.

The development and production at Hofstede Hovaria nursery is carried out by Koos and son Wilko Hofstede from the Betuwe town of Huissen, located on the Rhine south of Arnhem.

The breeding and production company of the Hofstede family, of which Koos and Wilko are the third and fourth generations respectively, has marketed many of the existing hydrangea varieties.

Hofstede Hovaria has been the specialist in special varieties of Hydrangea, Streptocarpus, Poinsettia, Deco-Chrysanthemum and many more for years. They are always looking for the special products, so that the customer can distinguish themselves from other stores in the market. The production company is almost 3 hectares in size (greenhouses & container fields), located at several locations in Huissen.

Roobos wholesale for flowers and plants: the most beautiful green houseplants from Smit Kwekerijen

The many different green houseplants of Smit Kwekerijen show a diverse and distinctive range. The plants are collected in a collection that bears the name Eden Collection. The plants can be recognized by the brown label that is placed in all plants. Not all plants are supplied with a label, some plants are also supplied with a private label or without a label.

The range of green houseplants consists of different lines:

• Eden Collection: The Eden Collection is a collection of unique, strong and trendy green houseplants. The green houseplants are sold under this name with a label, recognizable by the brown label. The Eden Collection is completed with a Gold Line, a Specials line, a Summer Collection line and the Message in a bottle. In addition to the Eden Collection, these green houseplants are also sold without a label or with a private label.
• Message in the bottle: This concept consists of different plants that come from all over the world, planted in a bottle that, as it were, washes up with a personal message. It fits perfectly with the worldly feeling that Eden Collection wants to create. The robust glassware provides a tough, trendy but also timeless character, making it suitable for a wide audience. It is also an advantage that the plants require little care. They are already very satisfied with a few drops every two weeks. Message in a bottle is a perfect gift for family, friends or for yourself. Message in a bottle can be delivered with a wooden presentation box. An ideal box to give the concept extra attention in the store. The presentation box is available in two sizes, namely a 12-compartment and a 24-compartment.
• Summer Collection: The Summer Collection is a special outdoor collection within the Eden Collection. This collection consists of six different plants that have been carefully selected with regard to the colder temperatures the plants will experience when placed outdoors. The Summer Collection is suitable for outdoor use from early spring to late autumn. The specially selected selection of plants are a real addition to the terrace, balcony or veranda. The plants are very easy to care for, because they do not need much water. The plants are available from early May to early September. The Summer Collection range is reviewed and selected every year. In recent years the range has remained virtually the same with a few smaller parties as novelties in addition to the existing range. The six different species from the past three years are:

o Cotyledon ladysmithiensis
o Crassula marginalis
o Echeveria Pearl of Nuremberg
o Echeveria pelusida
o Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
o Sinocrassula yunnanensis

Smit Kwekerijen also has many beautiful packages that you could choose from. All in all a beautiful nursery with the most beautiful range of green houseplants

You can find more information about the green houseplants of Smit nurseries via and all their products are now available through our webshop

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