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Future Flowers

Our wholesaler of flowers and plants is always selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That is why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to Nursery Nursery Future Flowers

Future Flowers BV is a small-scale company where the beautiful Calla Crystal Blush is grown all year round. They have been doing this since 2001, Coen and Eric Jansen. The Calla Crystal Blush distinguishes itself through elegance, style and purity. They are therefore constantly specializing and developing an improved quality product.

From 2001 to 2010 they cultivated the Calla Crystal Blush in the ground. Over the years, the soil has endured a lot because of the intensive work. That is why they switched to bake farming in 2010. This means they are always assured of a clean start when it comes to the ground. From 2015 they switched to the so-called "gerbera system". This means that each tuber is placed separately in a pot and can therefore be treated separately.

In winter they cannot grow Calla Crystal Blush without assimilation lighting. That is why they have invested in 1000 warm temperatures to grow a better quality product during the winter months. This allows them to offer a fantastically beautiful product all year round

Roobos wholesale for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Callas from nursery Future Flowers

The Calla Crystal Blush is the specialization of Future Flowers. The white Calla flower is special in simplicity and versatile in its applications.

The Calla Crystal Blush originally has African roots. The colored chalices and the deep green foliage create a stylish atmosphere in any environment. The elegant plant turns every bouquet into an eye-catcher and provides the necessary appearance.

The Calla also offers many applications. For example, the Calla Crystal Blush is very suitable for flower decorations with heights. Because of the quality of the flower, there is a certain flexibility in the Calla, which can easily be combined in bouquets and flower decorations.

New from Future Flowers are the Callas in pastel colors. The Calla is already a fantastically beautiful flower, but in the soft pastel colors of Future Flowers it will be a very special product. These light colors can be beautifully combined in bouquets and arrangements in a somewhat dark color scheme for a beautiful contrast.

View the most beautiful Calla's of Future Flowers via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here:

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