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Our wholesaler in flowers and plants is always busy selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That is why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to the VDW Plant nursery.

Founded in 1993, VDW Plant is today specialized in Euonymus and Azalea Japonica.

VDW Plant is therefore the market leader in the cultivation of Euonymus. Thanks to their strong specialization and scale, they have grown into a supplier of a wide range of high-quality plants, which are always available in very large numbers.

The continuity in deliveries (large numbers / wide range) is their strength!

VDW Plant also has a wide range of Azalea Japonica, which are always available in different pot sizes.

As a company, they guarantee uniform and visually attractive products of excellent quality.

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Euonymus from VDW Plant

There are about 180 different species of Euonymus. Depending on which one you choose, you can obtain it as a top covering plant or as a shrub.

The Euonymus is native to Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

The leaf color can differ per species. For example, one species will have serrated leaves and during the fall they will have beautiful autumn colors.

And with others (such as the Euonymus Alatus) the green leaves turn fiery red.

Because of these colors, the Euonymus has become one of the most popular autumn plants. Also often because of the decorative corky molds or striking fruits, they are very popular in the garden.

Euonymus fits into any garden (traditional or modern) and can also be used as a patio plant, solitary plant, hedge plant or in plant trays. The integration in the garden produces beautiful color shades, also during the winter thanks to the good winter hardiness.

The Euonymus gives the garden color again, even in the dark months of the year.

View the most beautiful Euonymus from Kwekerij VDW Plant via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here:

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