the most beautiful Violins from Kwekerij Zuidbaak

Nursery Zuidbaak

Our wholesaler of flowers and plants is always busy selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That is why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to nursery Zuidbaak.

Nursery Zuidbaak started in 2000 with the company at the Baakwoning. This had an area of ​​9,000 m2 and after 9 months had to make way for a company of 15,000 m2 on the Papelaan.

The cultivation of Violets, Primulas and Bedding plants has been further optimized in this area for 7 years.

Due to the enormous growth of the company, they now have an area of ​​almost 3 ha where the cultivation of the current range takes place.

The greenhouse is almost fully automated, which means less physical strain for the staff and an optimal product.

Nursery Zuidbaak is a reliable partner for the most beautiful pot and bedding plants.

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Violins from Kwekerij Zuidbaak

Nursery Zuidbaak is known for its violins. Over the centuries, Violins have often attracted attention.

After all, the flower shape shows almost human facial features. Violets are therefore found in almost all of Europe. There are 400 different types.

There are many symbols associated with the violet. For example, the Violin is the flower of mourning. In ancient Greece, the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, Persephone, plucks violets when she is taken to the underworld.

The Pansy was already cultivated by the Romans and Greeks because of its fragrance. Even at the city of Athens, there were extensive black violets fields, so that the city was soon called 'the violet-scented Athens'.

The Violin is therefore a fantastic plant. They seem very fragile, but they certainly are not. Some varieties can therefore withstand a period of frost.

Violets need moist soil and prefer a bit cooler. The sun is fine too, as long as it doesn't shine in their spot all day.

Violets therefore grow best when they are planted in nutritious soil that does not remain wet for too long. Fresh potting compost already contains enough nutrition for the Violets for the first six weeks, but it is good to give plant food once every fourteen days afterwards.

View the most beautiful violins from Kwekerij Zuidbaak via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here:

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