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Nursery Arend Roses

Arend Roses has been a leading Dutch rose grower with an excellent reputation for many years.

Nico van der Arend started in 1976 under the name Rose Nursery Van der Arend in Monster, South Holland, out of pure love for roses. After four years, the company was continued in Maasdijk.

Today, Arend roses are grown on eleven hectares, divided over two locations in the Westland. They supply, among other things, Red Eagle®, Avalanche + ® and Pink Avalanche + ®.

They are one of the few growers allowed to carry the certificates MPS-A, MPS-Quality, MPS-Social Quality, MPS-GAP and MPS GRASP. Arend Roses invests intensively in new sustainable techniques in order to deliver the greenest possible product.

At Arend Roses, the latest techniques are combined with employees who understand roses.

To create perfect uniformity in flower bud ripeness, the roses are cut twice a day, seven days a week. This is still traditional handicraft. The roses are immediately placed in water and are in the refrigerator within half an hour. In the processing area, specialized employees carry out a quality check on each (!) Rose. Only roses that meet the quality requirements set by them are fed through the bunching machines. These quality requirements are considerably higher than the requirements of the auctions.

Every year, the Arend Roses range is expanded with a number of special exclusive varieties which are an added value for every florist!

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants: the most beautiful roses from Arend Roses

Arend Roses has a wonderful selection of quality roses.

So they have the Red Eagle. A very successful newcomer, thanks to the beautiful bright red color. The bud of Red Eagle® is a voluptuous hourglass that opens into a beautiful round red rose, with slightly curled leaves. The bright red is maintained throughout bloom. Red Eagle® is a highly desirable red rose in all seasons and ideally suited for Christmas arrangements and Valentine's Day.

They also have the Lovelace. This beautiful large-flowered rose is soft pink with a hint of lilac that gives the flower the pure look of a true heritage rose, but with all the qualities of a modern top cut flower. Very romantic and subtle, perfect for bridal work and other special occasions. Lovelace has the extra special feature of a real, authentic rose scent, unique for roses in the top segment and extremely surprising for those who come into their hands with Lovelace +.

And not to forget, they also have the beautiful and popular Black Baccara. The dark red, velvety petals make this rose almost black. This theatrical beauty is one of the darkest roses in the world and perfect for arrangements that call for an eye-catcher with a sense of drama. The bud is full and flowers open wide, with the petals curling slightly. As a result, they catch the light in a special way and the velvety look and texture of the rose comes into its own even better.

View the most beautiful roses from Kwekerij Arend Roses via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here:

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