Flower wholesaler Roobos is a proud partner of FLOOS | The Crafter's Secret

FLOOS Live | The Crafter’s Secret

Flower wholesaler Roobos is a proud partner of FLOOS | The Crafter's Secret.

FLOOS is the first 100% online library with over 500 step-by-step floral recipes, along with the tips and secrets of the world's most renowned master florists.

Florists can subscribe to FLOOS and get access to the complete database of the most beautiful floral recipes. They also receive 2 new recipes every week.

Endless inspiration, tips and art from the best master florists in the world

FLOOS was founded by Carles J. Fontanillas.

Carles comes from a flower family. In 1925 his family started a flower shop. He is therefore the third generation of florists in his family to continue the story of "Can Fontanillas". He started his journey in flower arrangements at the age of 17, when he was educated at the Catalan schools of flower arrangements. Since then he has trained at seminars with internationally renowned teachers. In 2018 he won the Spanish Cup.

Carles herself has also taught at workshops, seminars and demonstrations in Greece, Romania, France, England, the Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, Uruguay, China, Russia, Belgium, the United States, Spain and Catalonia. Today he has two flower shops, where he works on all kinds of flower decorations.

Carles is the founder, ideologue and promoter of the FLOOS project (2015) and is one of the 'Master Florists' who publishes his designs in books The Crafter's Secrett. vol 01 (2016), The Crafter's Secret. vol 02 (2017), The Crafter's Secret vol 03 (2018) and The Crafter's Secret vol 04 (2019)

Carles is constantly working on new ideas to provide florists worldwide with the most beautiful floral inspiration.

His latest project is therefore FLOOS Live

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants and FLOOS present: FLOOS Live

FLOOS Live is the new webinar channel for professionals and advanced amateurs in the flower industry.

In these live sessions, which will be held via a conference program over the internet, the FLOOS master florists will present different topics that will be discussed in detail over several days.

Classes last approximately 90 minutes and at the end of the session there is a 30-minute question-and-answer session between students and teachers.

Interested users can access a single day or all days proposed within a series, which will usually consist of 4 different sessions with a master florist.

The webinars are broadcast in HD, performed professionally, while maintaining the quality standards for which FLOOS has been known since the beginning.

This first Floos Live will be given by Master Florist Àlex Segura.

Àlex Segura presents a series of 4 webinars discussing different techniques that will revolve around the theme: Christmas

And of course we are proud that Meesterbloemist Àlex will use our products for its entire webinars

For more information or to sign up, please visit https://shop.floos.org/floos-live/

Have fun with FLOOS Live

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