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Helleborus is a beautiful winter plant. Today we would like to introduce you to Kwekerij Verboom, our specialist in growing the most beautiful Helleborus and Skimmia. It is not without reason that they call this their "Winter Angels".

Kwekerij Verboom is a proud family business founded in 1960. Today, the second and third generation are jointly at the helm.

At the time their company started growing greenhouse vegetables. Later they switched to growing trees. At the moment they focus exclusively on the cultivation of perennials and ornamental shrubs. Under the label "Winter Angels", they offer a surprising and inspiring range of Helleborus and Skimmia varieties.

Together with a team of passionate employees, they have a strong goal: to positively surprise their customers every time with their innovative and inspiring range.

The products of Kwekerij Verboom are truly a jewel for everyone's home and garden.

Helleborus from Kwekerij Verboom | Available through flower wholesaler Roobos

Kwekerij's Hellebores are also called "Winter Angels".

The fact that they are really the angels of winter can also be seen in the beautiful species and the many diverse colors.

Their Winter Angels are classified into the following groups and breeds:

Helleborus Frostkiss
The Helleborus Frostkiss does not just get its name; By combining the best properties of the Winter Angels, we have succeeded in growing a very special Helleborus.

By crossing different types, this super strong, hardy Helleborus with colorful flowers and beautiful foliage was created. The marbled leaves are an absolute feast for the eyes and also make the plant attractive outside the flowering season.

Helleborus Verboom Beauty
Unlike the other Winter Angels, this beauty flowers both indoors and outdoors in pots or in the garden.

The strong sister of the Christmas rose also flowers extra early. You can already enjoy this spectacular winter bloomer from Advent (the run-up to Christmas).

Helleborus Niger
The Helleborus Niger, also known as Christmas rose, is known for its beautiful snow-white flowers that decorate the garden in the cold winter months.

The flowers of the plant provide a wonderful contrast against the dark leaves. Thanks to its evergreen foliage, the white Helleborus is a real asset to the garden, balcony and terrace, even in the non-flowering months.

Helleborus Orientalis
The Helleborus Orientalis is a collection of various botanical species spread all over the world.

These Hellebores also bloom in the winter and decorate the garden, balcony and terrace with their fascinating flowers.

The flowers can appear at the end of January and will bloom until April, the plant is also called spring rose due to its flowering period.

Due to this exceptionally long flowering period, you can enjoy this plant for an extra long time! There is a wide variety of flower colors and flower shapes available, something for everyone

Kwekerij Verboom has many beautiful products for the Christmas period, but the Frostkiss Anna’s Red stands out for us.

This beautiful Helleborus has beautiful red flowers and the marbled leaves are an absolute feast for the eyes.

View the most beautiful Helleborus from Kwekerij Verboom via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here: www.winterangels.eu

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