Dried flowers | Flower arranging for Christmas by Max Hurtaud

Dried flowers | Max Hurtaud

Dried flowers: arranging flowers for Christmas (by Max Hurtaud)

Dried flowers is the interior trend of today, which you probably have noticed. Flower arrangements are constantly changing over time and we, florists, have to keep developing ourselves, keep training ourselves, keep each other sharp and so much more!

Remember… In the eighties the flower arrangements were full of flowers and leaves. The work was very heavy, greedy, quite classical and above all symmetrical.

This was an expression of floral art with a natural tendency, without creating structures or other expressions.

This evolution changed in the 2000s. Flower art turned into floral decoration and everything was almost possible!

With a more contemporary spirit, we used glass vases, colored aluminum wire, jelly balls, Oasis Rainbow foam (you know, the foam of different colors and in different shapes) and even more and more structures were crazed - the sky was the limit).

Roobos Droogbloemen trend02

Flower arrangements

Flower arrangements are constantly evolving. But you've probably noticed that thanks to social networks these days like Pinterest, Instagram or even Facebook that this contemporary style only reaches a small fraction of people?

The current flower arrangement artistery in the last seven of eight years, should be simpler, more natural, and more nuanced.

The bouquets of flowers are steamy. Many use berries instead of just branches.

The flower arrangements are in the same ... That is to say: much more natural spirit and shapes with the arrival of the very popular "wild flowers" with strong, flowing and fluffy plants.

We hardly have anymore the fundamental rules of flower arrangements: the asymmetric rule, vegetative or linear styles.

If you want to be a real purist even for flower arrangements, I also recommend making them with chicken wire to replace the hydrophilic synthetic foam.

A real hit in recent years! This technique comes straight from the United States and started using gauze for bridal bouquets (you know, big bouquets, imposing and with a lot of weight) and then evolved into a variation of Oasis mousse.

On the other hand, another trend has been emerging for a while ... Dried flowers ...

Dried flowers: The interior trend of today

Roobos Droogbloemen trend04Dried flowers, loved or despised, these days are inevitable!

And it all started that more and more people started using Pinterest for their wedding ideas.

So remember that what we used to push back is now super trendy!

All the floral decorations, the bouquets with dried flowers, the compositions ...

They all have one thing in common: the use of pampas (cortaderia) herbs in general.

However, other types of dried flowers have appeared over time.

There is now also dried limonium, berries (whether rose hips) or, for example, the super popular eucalyptus (eucalyptus cinerea, eucalyptus populus).

More and more people are asking for bouquets of dried flowers.

They are almost more in demand than a bunch of fresh flowers ...

Buying dried flowers

And how do we get these sought after dried flowers?

At Roobos you can choose from more than 120 varieties. They sell these, for example, per bunch or per box. You can even choose from already made and packaged bouquets.

Second solution: by collecting them yourself, by walking, to collect a maximum of plants. Some are already dry on the stem, others need to be dried.

Third, but not to be underestimated (I would even think that this is the perfect solution to manage your stock in relation to this trend) is the independent drying of the plants.

Whether you have an oversupply of fresh flowers from the previous week, or have bought a few bundles of fresh flowers specifically for this use.

Drying your own flowers or even your own already made bouquets is a great alternative.

Details not to be underestimated: giving time to the drying period requires a certain amount of time and some patience. Then pay attention to the humidity in your drying room.

Some products are easier to dry yourself. For example, think of :

  • Statice,
  • limonium,
  • roses (branched or not),
  • exotic (protea, banksia or other),
  • asparagus,
  • thistle (eryngium),
  • amaranth,
  • ammi visnaga,
  • chasmantium,
  • daucus carota,
  • craspedia,
  • skimmia,
  • scabiosa stellata,
  • setaria,
  • sanguisorba,
  • rice flowers (ozothamnus),
  • pennisetum and
  •  Leucadendron

These are all examples of products that can simplify your drying actions ...

After you've generously provided yourself with these little treasures, we'll switch to ready-made ones.

Dried flowers: making decorations

Roobos Droogbloemen trend01Yes, making a bouquet of dried flowers. It's harder than it looks, believe me.

My first bouquets with dried flowers were therefore very laborious!

This is when you really feel alone and question your own life choices ... while smiling!

No seriously, there is so much to do! Rustic and unstructured bouquets, wreaths, paintings and so on...

Window decorations can be a good compromise for businesses.

Dried flowers and shop window decorations

We know that a window needs to be renewed every 3 weeks to keep passers-by in suspense. Nothing more and nothing less.

Less than 3 weeks: Not everyone has had time to see or walk by, which is a waste of time and money for the flower decoration.

More than 3 weeks: people are tired and do not or hardly look at the window.

Keeping a good rhythm with regular dynamics is essential depending on the seasons and the highs of the year.

In fact, you need a good pace like your social media posts.

But why make shop windows with dried flowers?

Firstly, the display case remains in bloom. This requires no maintenance or certainly not to come back every week to change the flowers when the sun shines on the glass.

You also show everyone that you follow the trends! But also, and why not, show complete weddings or even just the bridal bouquet.

Do you know that they (the brides) love their bouquet so much that they can feel nauseous if they throw it in the trash or dry it naturally without suddenly looking the same?

So go for it! Offer them!

Dried flowers tips

I even give you a few small tips: boxes or packages to make your own flower arrangement.

That is, let me explain: you provide the equipment, the dry plants (this is the topic) and an explanatory sheet.

For those most accustomed to new technologies i.e. 2.0 florists, it is an idea to create instructional videos to clearly explain the techniques to your customers who bought your box, and send them by email for example. to send.

It keeps your customers connected to you during the current lockdown (and unfortunately no one knows when all this is going to end).

It also reduces the workload while offering something artisanal.

Because homemade is also super trendy at the moment.

All major home decor chains have understood this. Zodio, Casa, Hema, Maison du monde ...

First, they offer dried flowers in ready-made small bouquets or in bundles.

But some even go so far as to create studios in their business premises to make flower arrangements of the highest quality. Zodio gives their customers the opportunity to create flower glass bells, advent calendars, decorated trees and more.

And this is where I ask you the question. And why not you?

So no, maybe not in-store workshops. After all, it all depends on the surface area you have, but this idea of ​​a home-made box or packaging can really benefit your business.

In fact, I would say it could be the icing on the cake.

fleurs sches 2

Christmas decorations and dried flowers

Moreover, it is almost the end of the year! A flower decoration for Christmas, that could be a great idea for a package ...

A door wreath or an Advent wreath logically with the indispensable items of the season: cones and pine needles, berries ...

But don't forget to vary the joys by differentiating yourself.

Adopt natural twine, dried lotuses, miscanthus and many other cute treats that you have on hand or find at your supplier.

For a more festive touch, baubles or gold leaf can help a lot!

I want to say, the crown is the foundation. In fact, it is the bare minimum of your offer. Think further, see further ...

What if a tree made from scratch by dry plants could be a new trend? Remember a few years ago the trend was still the dress tree presented on a mannequin.

In this case we provide the branches (of course depending on the height and the desired diameter) with a base.

And as a bonus all miscanthus, pampas, scabiae and others ...

A reasonably sized tree can be placed in a company, display case or even at home.

But a Christmas tree with a size of 40-50cm can also look very nice on a table that is very well set for Christmas Eve.

Get your customers involved

Maxhurtaud2Are your customers wary of this idea of ​​a tree? Then suggest that they make their own decoration that they will install on their Christmas tree.

A garland, for example, with the good old technique of knotting.

One with dried leaves (oak ... avoid conifers knowing the garland will be featured on a natural tree), grasses and berries can be great too!

But also think smaller, more accessible, at any age (all customers are good to take, and we remember that we are all grown children as this period approaches).

A personalized Christmas bauble can be cute as a decoration.

Okay ... Obviously, we're not going to recreate the pine cone version hanging ball that we all made in kindergarten.

But an updated version shall we say ... Use twigs, a polystyrene ball (or frigolite for our Belgian friends), a transparent plexiglass ball ...

Everything is conceivable. Everything is feasible and reusable!

Dried flowers and social media

I think the success of this dried product niche really adds value to our industry.

This new trend should in no way be neglected. Like it or not (pay attention to fireproof materials)!

Everything is there to help you on this path ... From producer to supplier, everything is ready to make your work easier.

And to leave your mark on this new trend that is only increasing.

But you have to use it wisely and not stick to the gains made.

What I mean by that, stick to offering only simple bouquets (which can be found at many of the other outlets listed above).

But also, knowing that bouquets of dried flowers and dried flowers themselves are experiencing an increasing trend on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and last but not least), it might be wise to post serious about this yourself as well.

Beautiful photos of your dried flower creations on social media can tempt your customers to buy them at home ...

Social media is a virtual showcase of your store for you (also free!).

It is important to get your customers, fans and followers used to a certain publication rate.

Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe for this.

It is up to you to find your own pace and thus show your hard work to the world through the quality of the photos.

From this results the offer of "Do-it-yourself workshop", creations for sale in stores that allow you to stay on track, offer a period and despite everything a reassuring, committed, social and happy Christmas.

People are waiting for you!

About the writer:

MaxhurtaudMax Hurtaud is a French master florist based in Brussels. A flower lover since birth, when he was 3 years old, he said to his mother "I want to be a florist to make bouquets for brides and for my mother!" and he never changed his mind.

He is very enthusiastic, passionate and funny. This humor and a passion for life is reflected in his beautiful designs.

In 2015, after 6 years of study at a flower art school near his hometown of La Rochelle and an internship in England, he decided to move to Belgium, although he actually lives in Brussels; according to him it is a good place for florists.

He loves to travel to discover different cultures, which are his source of inspiration. His work is eclectic and tries to find many new ways to create. He doesn't want to do the same and wants to surprise people.

Max now represents the new generation in the floristry world. His international flower career is growing and he now works all over the world.


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