Our wholesaler for flowers and plants was allowed to deliver the flowers at Flowertime in Brussels this year

Flowertime is a collaboration between the city of Brussels and the association of the Brussels Flower Carpet. Once every two years, the city hall of Brussels is decorated by master florists from all over the world.

Flowertime transforms the city hall of Brussels and the Grand-place into a floral dream world. For 5 days the town hall is opened to the public to see the colorful creations of several master florists.

Max Hurtaud - master florist - together with Roobos florist supplier

This year, Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants has set up a collaboration with Max Hurtaud to create a particularly beautiful creation in the Brussels town hall. Max's inspiration for his floral arrangement came from the Grand Place of Brussels. For him, his creation is an ode to the square that means so much to him. He has been working as a master florist in Brussels for 3 years now and has many beautiful memories of this square. There, friendships have been closed, parties have been celebrated, and family have been seen that he should have missed for a long time. To him it is a square full of emotions of joy and smile and he can sincerely confirm that the square is "the most beautiful in the world"

For all these reasons he thought it was an honor to dedicate his flower arrangement to the square which is so dear to him. And we are proud that he made his creation together with Roobos, our wholesaler for flowers and plants. Max indicates that he can only work as a master florist with the best flowers and plants. That is why working with us was a logical choice, of which we are naturally very honored

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