Ansu Vanda

Ansu Vanda

Our wholesaler for flowers and plants is always looking for the best growers to work with. After all, only the very best products are good enough for our customers. Today Ansu Vanda is central in our blog.

Standing out together: that is what ANSU Vanda stands for. "Standing out" is their product, the Vanda. It is an orchid that is counted among the rarest varieties in the world, with distinct colors and an unusual growth. Standing out is also their way of working: they combine breeding and propagation under ideal conditions in Thailand with production, marketing and sales in the Netherlands. A unique collaboration in one company, with perfection at every stage as a result.

With the Vanda they are the only supplier of this exclusive orchid species in Europe. Since the early nineties we have completely devoted ourselves to the Vanda. It is a cultivation that demands the utmost in craftsmanship, in patience, in endurance. By bringing the expertise of Thailand and the Netherlands together in one company, they are able to give the world's most beautiful orchid the attention it deserves.

In the Netherlands, pandas grow to the stage of flowering. On an area of ​​6 hectares, the climatic conditions for the exotic Vanda are ideal. ANSU Vanda uses a strict environmental protocol: minimal use of energy through the use of its own solar panels, maximum use of water through recirculation and minimal use of chemistry, thanks to the integrated cultivation method

The most beautiful Vandas via Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants

Of the 20,000 orchids in the world, few have the allure of the Vanda. Just because the Vanda has only been commercially grown for three decades, it is a product with the X factor.

The plants originate from the rough southern flanks of the Himalayas, from India to South China. There the Vanda grows high in the trees, with aerial roots that attach to the trees. The plant lives from morning dew and raindrops.

To attract insects in an inhospitable place like these, the Vanda had to stand out: because of its colors. They are unprecedentedly varied, in every possible shade. Even in blue, a color that nature barely knows. It makes the Vanda the queen of the jungle.

The Vanda thus became the symbol of exclusivity in floriculture. It is the orchid that is the first to be selected for the decoration of appealing events. It is the orchid that gives five-star hotel lobbies and living rooms extra star allure. And it is the orchid that drives flower lovers all over the world, thanks to the intense colors and special growth form.

ANSU Vanda is the only European supplier of an orchid that is among the most exclusive varieties in the world. With breeding and propagation in Thailand and marketing and sales in the Netherlands, they deliver on their promise every day. Standing out together!

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