Kwekerij Verboom

Kwekerij Verboom

Our wholesaler for flowers and plants is always looking for the best growers to work with. After all, only the very best products are good enough for our customers. Today our blog is about Nursery Verboom.

Nursery Verboom is a proud family business founded in 1960. Today, the second and third generation are jointly at the helm of this beautiful company.

Their company started growing greenhouse vegetables at the time. Later they made the switch to growing trees. They are currently focusing on growing perennials and ornamental shrubs. Under the "Winter Angels" label, they offer a surprising and inspiring range of Helleborus and Skimmia varieties.

Nursery Verboom specializes in growing beautiful winter plants. Their passion lies in growing the most beautiful Helleborus and Skimmia. Not for nothing do they call this their "Winter Angels".

The most beautiful Helleborusses via Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants

Nursery Verboom has a wonderful assortment of the most beautiful Helleborusses. They grow the Helleborus Frostkiss, the Helleborus niger, Helleborus Orientalis, but especially the beautiful Verboom Beauty.

The Verboom Beauty is their own trademark and also the real all-rounder under the Helleborus.

Unlike the other Winter Angels, this beauty blooms both indoors and outdoors in a pot or in the open ground. The strong sister of the Christmas rose also flowers extra early. From the advent time (the start-up period for Christmas) everyone can enjoy this spectacular winter bloomer.

You can plant an indoor Verboom Beauty in the open ground later in the spring. This way you can enjoy the beautiful flowers again the following year.

In addition, this plant offers many opportunities for processing into beautiful Christmas decorations for both inside and outside.

A number of care tips:

  • During flowering it is important to regularly water with some universal plant food.
  • Ensure that the plant does not remain in the water with its roots. This creates a risk of rotting.
  • Cut away the finished flowers. This promotes flowering and makes room for new flowers.
  • Place the fully finished plant in a sheltered place (such as a shed or shelter) until the frost is over.

Do you want more information about this great company or about the Verboom Beauty? Then check out their website:

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