Valentine's day

Valentine's day

Every year the most beautiful roses are ordered from our flower and plant wholesaler by all florists who want to help their customers to celebrate Valentine's Day as romantic as possible. Every year on February 14, partners, family and friends give each other roses to express each other's love.

Valentine's Day is named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd century. When Saint Valentine lived there were strict laws around Christianity instituted by Emperor Claudius the 2nd. Because Claudius believed that soldiers should be fully committed to Rome, he enacted a law that prohibited them from getting married. Saint Valentine decided to have many soldiers secretly marry their loved ones because he believed in the importance of love.

Eventually the Romans found out and put Saint Valentine in prison. During his imprisonment, he took care of his fellow prisoners and also the blind daughter of his prison guard.

According to legend, he healed this blindness and wrote a love letter to her on the day of his execution, which he ended with "from your Valentine."

Only 200 years later, February 14 was declared Valentine's Day. The poet Chaucer in the Middle Ages linked the story of Saint Valentine to romantic love and the beginning of tradition as we know it today.

The most beautiful roses for Valentine's Day at Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants

To make Valentine's Day even more special, our wholesaler for flowers and plants has the most beautiful red roses every year. Our buyers choose only the best growers to honor the love statements of your customers.

For example, we have the red roses from Kwekerij Avance Roses. They grow top-quality Red Naomi roses all year round. The roses grow in their greenhouse under the best conditions. For example, they specialize in the most beautiful roses for Valentine's Day

Since the red rose stands for love, you may also be looking for other colors for your customers. For example, a white rose stands for wanting to be together forever, a pink rose that the heart belongs to the other and the yellow rose stands for a close friendship. Our nursery Meijer is the best choice for the other colors of roses. This grower specializes in the most beautiful roses since 1970 and is best known for their superior quality.

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