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The beautiful large-blooming yellow trumpet daffodils are flowers that herald spring. The number of natural species may differ by definition given to them. But usually that number is 26. In Europe, daffodils are most commonly found in it, but especially in Spain and Portugal. Many Europeans (and in particular the British and Dutch) have been interested in the daffodil since the 16th century.

Daffodils are available as cut flowers and pot plants. Many varieties also smell very good. Many species are hardy, except for the Tazetta naris. It is therefore often used indoors.

In 1561 the first Narcissus was brought to the Netherlands from France. Many symbols have been assigned to the daffodil. In Eastern countries, the daffodil is associated with sad love; If you're separated, send each other a daffodil. In Arabic, the word narcissus means "servant." This is because the flower has a slightly curved posture. In our Western society, the narcissus symbolizes the blind love for one's own ego. This is based on the Greek Mythology of Narcissus. This young man fell in love with his own reflection and finally turned into a flower.

The daffodil is also strongly associated with Easter. The Daffodil therefore has its very own appearance, which is well expressed both in the garden and in a mixed bouquet.

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We are your wholesaler for plants, for example for orchids, dahlias and potted Roses. We have a lot of experience with these beautiful plants, which we can deliver directly to you. That means that you have your products quickly at your store, so that you can sell the plants to your customers as soon as possible.

We work as one of the few wholesalers for Daffodils without any stock, because we work completely fresh every day. This guarantees the highest quality of plants for your store. We buy from nurseries specially selected for the Belgian and French market, so that you can count on nothing less than the best.

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Looking to buy Daffodils? You can easily order the most beautiful cut flowers online, after which we will immediately start buying the best quality for you. In this way we ensure that you have it quickly in your store to be able to sell it as fresh as possible.

We purchase our Daffodil plants from the best Dutch growers. An example of selected nursery Daffodil plants

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