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Looking for a Lily nursery where you want to buy your lily plants 100% fresh daily? The beautiful pot lily is originally from India, Korea, Japan and parts of Siberia. In Europe you see them in the wild in, for example, the Balkan countries and the Pyrenees. But the pot lily can also be found in America, so it is genuinely a globetrotter.

Our Lily that comes directly from the Lily nursery is available in many different colours. This varies from very soft colours to very bright ones, with stripes, edges or dots. The Lilies are generally divided into 4 types of groups:

  • Asian hybrids. These lilies have open flowers and the stems have a large number of buds. These lilies are in the vase for 8 to 12 days.

  • Oriental hybrids: These lilies are also called Japanese lilies and are by far the most grown in the Netherlands. These lilies have a leathery leaf and usually 3 to 5 flowers. They stay good for 10 to 14 days in a vase. Characteristic of this group is that they are moderate to strong.

  •  Longiflorum hybrids: These lilies are also called the trumpet lily. They have a mild scent and have a long vase life. Originally this lily was only available in white, but in recent years pink and yellow varieties have also been grown. This lily has a sturdy stem with 2 to 3 large trumpet-shaped flowers in the shape of a chalice.

  • LA hybrids: This group originated from crosses between Longiflorums and Asians. As a result, the benefits of the longiflorum (long funnel-shaped flowers) are combined with many flowers per stem of the Asian. This lily also hardly smells, if at all, and stays in a vase for 12 to 16 days.

The pot lily is at its best when it is planted in a place half in the sun and half in the shade. It is important to keep the root zone cool and moist before freezing. The pot lily can handle the cold quite well, provided that it is planned in a sheltered place.

Make sure that the pot lily gets enough water after planting, so that the bulbs can root well. But if they get too wet, they will rot. During the growth it is best to fertilize occasionally. Faded flowers can be cut quickly, so that all energy can go to the bulb. On the other hand, the leaves can turn yellow and die off.

We have a wide network of excellent growers, where we know that the quality is of the highest level. We are your plant wholesaler from Holland, where you can quickly buy lilies of the highest possible quality.

You can order the lilies online. We buy them for you at the lily nursery, after which we prepare them for transport and immediately start delivering them to your address. We deliver the plants in the store for you, so that you can sell these as quick as possible and completely fresh. We have good contacts with Dutch nurseries for lilies and for example roses just like for the other plants and cut flowers that you are looking for.

100% fresh daily from the lily nursery

Our plants come daily 100% fresh from the lily nursery. That way we are also your specialist in house plants, while being one of the few flower exporters to work completely without any stock. Thanks to the high and daily fresh quality, you can count on nothing less than the best.

An example of a renowned pot of lily nursery that we are proud to work with is, for example, Schie lillium.

Are you looking for a specialist where you can buy directly at the dahlia nursery or the lily nursery? We ensure that you can count on the highest quality and excellent service at an affordable price.

Tip: choose the best quality? All our Lilies are certified according to the Decorum quality mark. This quality mark is only for the best growers.

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