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Looking for a Muguet nursery and looking for the best quality? The Muguet blooms in shady places and it is said that this flower brings good luck. In France it is tradition that on May 1 everybody gives a bunch of Muguet to their loved ones. The Muguet smells delicious and the synthetic scent is mainly used in expensive perfumes and cosmetics.

Originally the Muguet comes from Asia, but has been brought to Europe since the Middle Ages. The Latin name is Convallaria Majalis, which means "of the month of May". Which is quite right, because the Muguet blooms in the month of May and June.

The Muguet is a symbol of purity and innocence. Since parts of the plant are poisonous, the latter may not be entirely true. Our Muguet, which comes directly from the Muguet nursery, is mainly used for flower arrangements, wedding bouquets and boutonniere. They are also often found in mourning bouquets, due to the subdued color of the flowers.

Because the Muguet is a real ground cover, not everyone is always happy with the invigorating Muguet. But the flowers are experienced as cute and they always smell sweet and fresh. Spring would not be the same without them.

Our plant buyers assess all nurseries, including those for Muguet. We pay close attention to quality in order to offer you nothing less than the best.

Through our nurseries for Muguet we guarantee the highest quality for the lowest price. Moreover, we always ensure 100% daily fresh flowers. You can order them online, after which we purchase them the next day and immediately prepare them for transport. We deliver the flowers ready in your store for you, so that you can sell them fresh the next day. That applies to the Muguet of the nursery, just like our orchids and other flowers and plants.

100% daily fresh flowers from the nursery

Looking for the most daily fresh flowers from the nursery for Muguet? We have the right contacts and in that way we can buy excellent products for you. Always in the highest quality and for a low price. Because we have such good contacts with the growers, you can choose to buy full crates or smaller bunches of your favourite flowers

Are you looking for a wholesaler for green plants or specifically for a rose nursery? We are your specialist for Muguet and various other flowers, which we always deliver in the highest quality.

Our buyers only buy the best Muguet from the best Muguet nursery. For example, our quality muguet come from:

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