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webshop instructions

Webshop instructions

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Roobos wholesaler flowers and plants from Holland
Online shop manual

Business hours Web Shop:

  • Saturday & Sunday Open all day
  • Monday - Friday: 14.00-24.00 hrs Complete assortment (flowers, plants and accessoires)
  • Monday - Friday: 06.00-12.00 hrs Just (after) orders (flowers only) ship the same day with your already placed order

Heures d ouverture la boutique en ligneWebshop functions and possibilities:

  1. Logo: By clicking here, you’ll be taken to the web portal.
  2. To display your selection in our range, please select the buttons in the top row:
    a. Flowers: Select this button to see all flowers in “Assortment”.
    b. Plants: Selecting this button will display all plant groups in our assortment
    c. Accessories: Select this button to see our complete collection of accessories. Here you will find all floristry supplies, but also our luxurious CST-Decorations collection.
    d. Dried flowers: Here you will find our range of dried flowers.
    e. Painted Flowers: Select this button to see our complete range of painted flowers.
    f. Deals: Select this to see our best deals.
    g. Qflor: Here you will find our exclusive selection of Qflor products currently available. This selection is subject to the availability of these exclusive products.
  3. Filters: With the filter buttons you can filter our range on the basis of your choice. These are: ‘Item groups’, ‘Tags’, ‘Item height’, ‘Item width’, ‘Manufacturers’ and ‘Sort by’. When you click on the cross next to the search function, you remove all the filters you have chosen.
  4. Search function: Here you can search for each product by name by typing a few letters of the item name.
  5. Language Settings: Click here to change your preferred language
  6. Departure day: Here you can see the departure date of your next delivery.
  7. Profile: Here you can find a number of overviews, such as your packaging history, order history and invoices.
  8. Favorites: You can click a heart on each product, making that product a favorite. You can always find these favorites here (provided they are available of course).
  9. Shopping cart: Here you can find an overview of the products you have purchased. When you click on ‘Complete order’, you can also pass on any order comments to us
  10. Product images: Double click on the images for more product information.
    a. If you hover over the product photo with your mouse, you will see the enlargement of the photo.
    b. Here you can see more information about the product, such as the available number of kegs, the length, which grower this product comes from, etc.
    c. Reviews: You can see here how other customers have experienced this product. When you scroll down, you can read all reviews of this product.
    d. Here you can click on the number of your products by using the up and down arrows. Click on the green order button to buy your products.
    Here you can choose small bunches or the entire kegs of a product
    Please note that by clicking on the order button, the product is ordered directly from our growers. You can cancel this order yourself within 5 minutes in the shopping cart. With the cross at the top right you return to your selection screen.
    e. Others also viewed: Here you may find interesting products

If you encounter any problems during your order or if you cannot find a certain product, you can always contact us to inform us. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

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We are MPS certified and we have the Qflor quality brand in our selection, so that you can rely on the highest quality. Always 100% fresh and with a choice of more than 15,000 products. Discover why we are the preferred brand of many renowned Master Florists and proud partner of FLOOS ‘The Crafter’s secret’. Do you have any questions or would you like to register as a new customer? Call us on telephone number +31 174 725 380, send an e-mail to info@roobos.nl or use our online registration form.

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