Amazone Plants

Amazone Plants

Our wholesaler in flowers and plants is always busy selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That's why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to Amazon Plants

Amazone Plants was founded in 2010 by Fred van Zijl and Lex Scheffers. Entrepreneurs at heart who find it especially important to have fun in what they do.

Their years of cultivation experience were bundled and together they chose to grow Anthuriums. For this purpose, a former chrysanthemum nursery was purchased and renovated.

The ingenious cultivation system could be applied well in the pot plants. In the first years Amazone Plants supplied Anthuriums in 17 cm pots, now also in 9, 12 and 14 cm!

In the modern company, Fred and Lex combine their many years of experience with an extensive network in the market.

The Amazone Plants greenhouses are located a stone's throw from the flower auction in Naaldwijk and are equipped with a mobile transport and delivery system.

The cultivation method with cultivation gutters in roller tables and the associated watering system is quite unique in floriculture. The fog installation ensures an optimal climate in the summer months and thanks to the assimilation lighting, beautiful Anthuriums can also be supplied in the winter months.

Environmental friendliness is anchored in Amazone Plants' corporate vision.

For example, the smart cultivation system ensures that the conditions are optimal throughout the year.

Biological control is used, the irrigation water is 100% disinfected and reused and energy (gas and electricity) is used as efficiently as possible.

Amazone Plants is affiliated with the Vogelaer geothermal energy project, one of the most sustainable energy sources that achieves enormous CO2 savings.

Renewable geothermal energy is largely used to heat the greenhouses and gas consumption is kept to a minimum.

Amazone Plants also reuses CO2 obtained from the Rotterdam industry via the OCAP network. This CO2 is used as an important nutrient for the plants.

As a result, the Anthuriums grow more beautiful and faster and a lot of unnecessary CO2 emissions are also prevented!

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Anthuriums from Amazone Plants

Amazon Plants bring the Amazon area to the living room.

Amazone Plants' products are distinguished by large flowers, a multitude of colours, sturdy flower stems, dark green, glossy leaves and an excellent shelf life.

Anthurium is the ideal houseplant: very easy to care for and it needs little to stay beautiful for a long time. Nevertheless, you can do a number of things to keep the plant beautiful for as long as possible:

    In the Amazon region, the Anthurium grows well in sufficient light (but no bright sun) and is always nice and warm, with a high degree of humidity. This is how she prefers to be in your living room! As a real heat lover, the Anthurium likes a temperature between 20 and 22°C and preferably not below 16°C.
    Keep the Anthurium away from drafts and do not place it too close to a heat source, such as a hot radiator. Because the Anthurium prefers high humidity, the bathroom is also an excellent place!
    In winter it is best to water the Anthurium once a week. In the summer, this is allowed more often, about twice a week. Do you want to spoil the plant extra? Then spray her occasionally with a plant spray, then she will imagine herself in the tropics again!

View the most beautiful Anthuriums from Amazone Plants via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here:

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