Wholesale lavender plants

Looking for wholesale lavender plants?Lavender plants are especially appreciated for their scent. Lavender plants come in many colours. Ordinary lavender has silver grey or blueish stems. But there are also Lavender plants that have purple blue or completely blue flowers. There are also varieties with white and pink colours, but these are less strong.

Lavender plants grow well on poor soils. Where many plants would struggle to grow, Lavender can flourish. That is why it is also an ideal plant for pots on the terrace, for example.

The lavender plant thrives best in a place in full sun. It is best to plant young lavender plants in early summer. Then give them plenty of water so that the roots can develop well.

As soon as the first flowers open, the lavender plant can be cut off. If many flowers are cut, the lavender plant will flower again.

We are your specialist in lavender plants, directly from the different nurseries whose quality our buyers have extensively tested. Our buyers are regularly in contact with them to ensure the utmost quality.

Order top quality lavender such as the Lavender Stoegas and the Lavender Angustifolia. We can deliver the lavender in pot sizes 10 to 19.

We guarantee you only the best, with easy to make your orders online though our web shop. We have good contacts with lavender growers, so that we can supply wholesale lavender plants quickly and in excellent quality.

Wholesale lavender plants direct from the nurseries

Curious about how you can order the lavender plants? We make them available online on our webshop, so that you can easily place an order. Once ordered, we purchase the plants for you directly from the nursery. We prepare the plants for transport, so that you can use them 100% fresh daily.

As a wholesaler, we have good contacts with the nurseries for lavender plants, just as for other garden plants and a number of other products. Over the years we have built excellent contacts, so we can guarantee you the highest possible quality. Delivered to you as soon as possible, so you can offer your customers only the best.

We purchase our Lavender plants from our main supplier Van der Salm. They always guarantee the best quality Lavender plants.

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Order wholesale Lavender plants online?

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